4 Reasons to use MQL

If you want a shop that offers great performance, you need machines that always work at top-performance. Machines are expensive to repair and replace, but are so important to your industry. Using MQL, or minimum quantity lubrication, is one of the easiest ways to prolong the lifetime of the machines and get your money’s worth. But, those are only some of the amazing MQL benefits. Here’s four of many reasons using a MQL system is ideal at your shop.

1- Tremendous Savings

minimum quantity lubrication

Since there is less need for system maintenance, tool or machine repair, or replacement, you can find the savings tremendous. But, the savings do not stop there. You will find a world of savings when you

2- Improved Performance

Prolonging tools performance and machine performance is also an advantage that MQL brings your way.  This is something that you are sure to appreciate. This prolongs the lifetime of the tools and the machines while ensuring smoother performance.

3- Low Volume Flow Rate

MQL initiates a low volume flow rate that is less than 50 ml/h. This is an extremely low number when considering the average rate is more than 1,200 ml/h. Lower coolant use is beneficial in many ways, including saving you money and minimizing wear and tear on the machines.

4- Environmental Protection Benefits

It is everyone’s job to protect the environment in every way they possibly can. As a shop owner, you must look at added improvements to ensure that you are keeping the environment a great place to live.

There are far more reasons to use minimum quantity lubrication at your shop than listed here, though this should persuade you enough to make that call to learn more. This is a simple technique that could change the way that you do business.

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