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Finding The Best Warehousing Firm

I run a business with a very complex supply chain as well as distribution network.  Because of this, I need catalyst warehouse management solutions that can handle a number of things for me.  There are a number of warehouse solutions that my company needs, not the least of which is security.  The very first thing that I looked into when finding a company that could warehouse for me was their security measures.  I needed 24 hour security that was always there to make sure that everything being warehoused was safe, and so any management company that did not offer this would easily be taken out of the equation for me.  Simply put, if they could not keep all of our stored items secure, then I would not be able to trust them to handle this sort of thing for me.

I also needed to make sure that there were designated areas for international trade.  Foreign trade is a very big part of my business, so I needed a foreign trade zone designation so that all of this stuff would go to the right place.  Along with security, a fenced perimeter, and limited access, I needed to be able to have truck access to the warehouse so that our trucks would be able to enter, pick up what was needed, and leave without any hassle.  These were all the most important aspects I was looking for, although there were some other things that I also kept in the back of my mind.

catalyst warehouse management

After considering all of these things, I was able to find a warehousing company that was able to handle all of my needs.  I am glad to say that everything has been going smoothly with them, and this is a very good business relationship.

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