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Need French Drain System Installed?

The French drain is one of many that might be at your home. This is a very distinctive type of drain that is built by filling a trench with a perforated pipe at the bottom of a pile of gravel. The pipe is then diverted to the underground water. It is wrapped with a geotextile fabric wrap above the gravel. This drain is used to reduce pressure on retaining walls that incited moisture buildup and dampness inside of crawlspace and basement.

Usually, french drains erie pa are installed in any area with a threat of moisture or water buildup. It has a job of moving moisture and water away from the property so pooling and flooding risks are minimized in the front yard, back yard, or at the patio. Some of the most common application locations for this drain include:

·    Low-lying patio

·    Behind retaining walls

·    Inside parking garages

·    Behind basement walls

·    High water table areas

·    Split-level buildings

Installing a drain provides a homeowner with sound peace of mind and assurance that their home will be around, in great condition, for many more great years ahead. You won’t lose any of your valuable home space and can increase the value of the home with this simple addition.

french drains erie pa

There are specifications to follow if you wish to install this drain at your home. First, the drainage system should be a length consisting of no more than 12-inches in width. Generally, a length of 6 – 8 inches is best. You should be sure to have a minimum of 2-inches of gravel available. Although you might be able to install the drain on your own, it is likely that a professional is better suited to handle the complex job. They’ll charge a small fee for the service, though they alleviate a lot of headache versus the DIY project.

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